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“The Healing Power of Past Life Regression: A Guide to Using Past Life Exploration for Healing”

The Healing Power of Past Life Regression: A Guide to Using Past Life Exploration for Healing

Past life regression is the practice of morphing memories of past lives, in an effort to address concerns of the current life. It can be used to gain insight into the subconscious, solve existing problems, and overcome deep-rooted blockages. Practitioners are able to use this type of regression to tap into a wide variety of inner world information in order to discover how a person’s past life experiences can influence and inform their current life.

Advantages of Past Life Regression as Therapy

  • Can provide clarity and understanding to a person’s current life.
  • Can help people understand why they are experiencing certain fears, phobias and compulsions.
  • Gives insight into why certain relationships may be difficult for the person.
  • Helps people come to terms with their current life circumstances, whether good or bad.
  • Allows a person to look for patterns that may be impacting and influencing in their current life.
  • Can assist with healing physical, mental and emotional issues that may be difficult to treat.

Some Tips and Techniques for Using Past Life Regression

Set an Intention and Become Grounded & Focused: Before initiating a past life regression session, it is important to set an intention and become fully grounded. Taking the time to sit in a comfortable and relaxed environment, clearing your mind and focusing on your breath is one way to do this.

Choose a Facilitator: If you are considering undertaking a past life regression, it is suggested to connect with an experienced facilitator that specializes in this type of therapy.

Be Open-minded: It is important to be open to the experience and trust the process. Even when the regression seems far-fetched or unbelievable, it is important to stay open to the information and sensing coming through.

Be Open to the Possibilities: Past life regression allows an individual to dive deeper into the subconscious mind in search of hidden memories, understandings and knowledge that can be used to move past old patterns that may still be affecting the person in their current life.

The Potential for Healing

The potential for healing and learning through past life regression is immense. It allows individuals to look back at past lives to gain insight into the veiled undercurrents of their current existence. With careful guidance and preparation, past life exploration can become a life-changing experience, offering deep insights and (potentially) greater peace of mind.

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