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“The Healing Power of Intention: How to Use the Power of Your Thoughts and Words for Healing”

The Healing Power of Intention: How to use the Power of Your Thoughts and Words for Healing

The law of attraction states that people attract into their lives whatever they think about. Through this law, we can attract healing into our lives by simply focusing on the healing power of intention. Intentions are the conscious thoughts that create positive change when focused on. When we intentionally choose to manifest healing into our lives, we can use our thoughts and words to support any goal we have to improve our health.

How to Harness the Power of Intention for Healing

Learning how to use the power of intention for healing involves an understanding of the three energy centers: the mind, the body and the soul. When we understand and connect with these centers, we have access to a powerful source of well-being and healing. Here are a few tips on how to use the power of intention to promote physical, spiritual, and emotional health:

  • Visualize your ideal outcome: By using your creativity and imagination to create a vivid image of your desired goal, you can activate the power of intention in your life. Visualize the details and feeling of being fully healed in the present moment.
  • Use positive affirmations: Positive affirmations can be used to train your subconscious mind. Choose a few positive affirmations related to your desired outcome and repeat them out loud, or even write them down.
  • Clear your space: Take some time to clear your physical and mental space. A cluttered environment, as well as negative thoughts, can block the natural flow of healing energies.
  • Honor your body: Honor your body by eating whole nutritious foods, engaging in regular exercise and taking the time to relax and rest.
  • Be present: Spend time in stillness and quiet to create space for receiving healing energy.


By using the power of intention, we can create healing and positive change in our lives. Through focusing our thoughts on our desired outcome, speaking positive affirmations out loud, clearing our space, honoring our bodies and being present, we can access the power of intention and create our own healing reality.

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