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The Alternative Medicine Guide: The Use of Acupuncture for Addiction Recovery

Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine that has been used for centuries to help treat a multitude of ailments. It is becoming known as an effective treatment for drug, alcohol and other forms of addiction. In this article, we will discuss how acupuncture can be used to help those suffering from addiction, as well as the potential risks and benefits involved.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine practice that involves the insertion of very thin needles into specific parts of the body. This practice helps to stimulate the body’s energy flow, enabling it to heal itself. It is used to treat a variety of physical and mental conditions, including addiction.

Benefits of Acupuncture for Addiction Recovery

Acupuncture can be beneficial in treating addiction in several ways:

  • Reduces cravings: Acupuncture can help to reduce cravings for certain substances and make an addiction more manageable.
  • Stress Reduction: Acupuncture can help reduce stress, an important factor in addiction.
  • Detoxification: Acupuncture can help to reduce the discomfort of detox, helping those in addiction recovery to remain in therapy for longer.
  • Relieves Pain: Addiction is often linked with certain forms of chronic pain. Acupuncture can help to relieve this pain, giving those in recovery greater mobility and flexibility.

Risks Involved with Using Acupuncture for Addiction Recovery

Although acupuncture can be a helpful tool in recovering from addiction, there are some risks:

  • Infection: There is a small risk of infection or inflammation due to needles not being properly sterilized.
  • Allergic Reaction: Some people may experience an allergic reaction to the needles or herbs used in acupuncture.
  • Unwanted Complications: Acupuncture can cause unwanted side-effects, such as tiredness or dizziness.


Acupuncture can be a beneficial method of treating addiction, but it is important to be aware of the risks. If you are interested in trying acupuncture for your addiction recovery, it is recommended that you discuss it with your doctor or other health care professional first. With the right guidance, acupuncture could be a natural and powerful tool for helping you battle your addiction.

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