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The Alternative Medicine GuideThe Role of Qi Gong in Stress ManagementThe Alternative Medicine Guide

The Alternative Medicine Guide: The Role of Qi Gong in Stress Management

The Alternative Medicine Guide provides an introduction to the many different ways individuals can use to maintain mental, physical and emotional wellbeing apart from the traditional medicinal methods. As such, one of the topics of discussion of this guide is Qi Gong which is an ancient Chinese practice consisting of mild physical exercises combined with meditation. In this article, we focus on the role of Qi Gong in stress management.

What Is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is a practice used for physical and mental wellness that combines Mindfulness, Meditation, and Physical Movement. Qi is “vital energy” and Gong means “skillful practice” so Qi Gong is a skillful practice of cultivating vitality through relaxation and meditative movement.

The Role of Qi Gong in Stress Management

Daily stress can cause both physical and mental exhaustion and can also lead to many other health concerns. One of the best ways to manage stress is through the practising of Qi Gong, since it encompasses both physical and mental aspects at once.

  • Physical Activity: Qi Gong can be thought of as a form of Moving Meditation, which exercises the entire body. Physically, the movements serve to relax the body and reduce tension, while improving circulation.
  • Mental Awareness: Qi Gong also provides mental clarity and inner peace. The meditative qualities of the practice increase your awareness and disrupt negative thought patterns, while at the same time providing a moment of calmness.


In conclusion, the Alternative Medicine Guide underlines the importance of Qi Gong as a natural and effective form of stress management. Practising Qi Gong regularly can help to alleviate physical and mental exhaustion of stress, and improve mental clarity, inner peace, and physical health.

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